TEMBI5 Puebla – Mexico


A wonderful conference with math teachers, math teacher educators en students from Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, and Cuba.  Four days of workshops, lectures and hands-on activities (for instance MathCityMap).

I was honoured to be among the invited “Talleristas”(=workshops) on the connection between mathematics and reality, a spin-off of my doctoral research on image-rich mathematical problems.

I had the pleasure to work in an empowering atmosphere under the charismatic leadership of Dr. Josip Slisko (photo, right), who is driven to improve physics and mathematics education in Mexico by connecting scientific concepts with real-life phenomena in the didactical process.


GC 2018 11 16 TEMBI5 Mathematics and Reality Friday
GC 2018 11 17 TEMBI5 Mathematics and Reality Saturday, including homework from the participants