Building a Common European Numeracy Framework

Virtuael seminar in the ALM 2020-2021 Virtual Seminar series.International Multiplier Event int he Erasmus+ projct CENF The presentation in pdf The live stream of the presentation can be found at the ALM YouTube channelVirtual Seminar presentations can be found at our YouTube Channel !!  

Numeracy in the 21st century

Webinar at the Freudenthal Institute Utrecht University Summer School, 26th August, 2020 The presentation in pdf format The live stream of the presentation can be found here at the Freudental institute video channel

Laaggecijferdheid in Nederland

Een presentatie voor ProBiblio. Bibliotheken krijgen een steeds grotere rol in het bestrijden van laaggeletterdheid én laagggecijferdheid.

TEMBI5 Puebla – Mexico

Conference A wonderful conference with math teachers, math teacher educators en students from Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, and Cuba.  Four days of workshops, lectures and hands-on activities (for instance MathCityMap). I was honoured to be among the invited “Talleristas”(=workshops) on the connection between mathematics and reality, a spin-off of my doctoral research on image-rich mathematical problems. … Lees verder