EMAG: European Mensas Annual Gathering

The EMAG is, the European Mensas Annual Gathering.
Every year representatives from national MENSA - organisations gather to discuss, to engage in activities and to share expertise in the Forum Mensanum

In 2009 the EMAG was held in Utrecht from July 29 - August 2 and was organised by
Mensa - the Netherlands

On Saturday, August 1, I held a lecture on People and the Quantitative World

Main presentation
      People and the Quantitative World                           3,1 Mb  pdf

Sub presentations on perspectives
      Evolutionary                                                           0,08 Mb, pdf
      Neurological                                                           0,14 Mb, pdf
      Historical                                                               0,28 Mb, pdf
      Number Sense                                                       0,03 Mb, pdf
      Multiplication structures                                          2,60 Mb, pdf
      Iceberg Metaphor                                                    0,34 Mb, pdf
      Dollars and cents                                                    0,22 Mb, pdf



 Table of contents