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If it is disconnected from reality, it is not numeracy.

If it is not intended to make people self-reliant, it is not numeracy.

If large groups of people cannot understand it, it is not numeracy.

This website is a reflection of experiences with numeracy and practical mathematics for primary, secondary, vocational education and adult education

This website is developed and maintained by Kees Hoogland, professor Mathematical and Analytical Competences of professionals at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands. For more information click here

My interest is in the field of mathematics and numeracy in vocational and adult education. to explore ways in which mathematics and numeracy can be applied in a meaningful, effective and inspiring way in practical professional situations. And how fitting education can be developed.

The following series of development steps is an example of the development trajectory of meaningful math mathematics education. .

Word problems => illustrated word problems => images of contexts with meaningful questions => images of situations for real life with imaginable questions=> video-clips & augmented reality to present real situations and real problems which can be solved with mathematical thinking or mathematical tools. => Numb3rs