Common European Numeracy Framework

This Erasmus+ project is an international bottom-up effort to create a Common European Numeracy Framework. See

It’s design is inspired by experiences in designing and executing Professional Development Modules Adult Numeracy for teachers and volunteers who work with adult learners

Our drive

Too many European citizens lack the necessary numeracy competencies to participate
autonomously and effectively in our technologized and number-drenched society and consequently many citizens are overlooked for certain jobs and have problems in their daily life, dealing with the abundance of number-related issues.
The low levels of numeracy by European citizens, as for instance assessed by PIAAC, give rise to serious concern for the future economic development of Europe. This is an even more pressing issue since the amount of numerical data that needs to be interpreted and used is rapidly rising due to technological developments and the prevalence of (big) data.

Call for action

Our mission is to create a common language to discuss and develop high
quality numeracy (education) for adult learners across Europe in the next
decade. One of our activities is to reach out to adult numeracy communities across
Europe to gather information on existing frameworks on numeracy and good practices.
We will share the gathered information with all relevant stakeholders and
those who are interested. If you want to cooperate with us, contribute to our effort, and stay informed on our outputs, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Partners and Contact

BFI-Oberösterreich,Linz, Austria
University of Limerick, Ireland
University of Barcelona, Spain

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dr. Kees Hoogland, project manager

Project leaflet